#02: Swap Stories

In this episode we got: Two new Pinball Map t-shirts! We started a Patreon! We dip in with Danny B. We talk map tech, telling you how we keep the site in the black (in terms of memory). Map stats. We interview Beth about the full Pinball Map app rewrite she’s working on. We discuss about an intriguing topic: what is a public location, I mean really? And finally, we give a quick Pinball Map tip.

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Pinball Map Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pinballmap
Pinball Map T-Shirts: https://pinballmap.com/store
Danny B: https://dannybelrose.com/

#01: The Plunge

Pinball Map is a mappin’ site for finding public pinball machines. It’s pretty popular, and we’ve been working on it for 10 years. In this inaugural episode of Mappin’ Around with Scott & Ryan, we introduce ourselves and the map, lay out the technical specs of the site, and discuss recent and forthcoming updates. Then we dip in with esteemed location player, Danny B, to see what he has to say. We also choose the Username of the Month, and quiz Scott about last month’s map usage statistics. We round out the episode by telling you what’s coming up.

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