#02: Swap Stories

In this episode we got: Two new Pinball Map t-shirts! We started a Patreon! We dip in with Danny B. We talk map tech, telling you how we keep the site in the black (in terms of memory). Map stats. We interview Beth about the full Pinball Map app rewrite she’s working on. We discuss about an intriguing topic: what is a public location, I mean really? And finally, we give a quick Pinball Map tip.

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4 Comments on “#02: Swap Stories

  1. I was wondering about the public location question.
    There’s a place near me with pinball tables which is not on the pinball map. It’s called “Flashback Classic Coin Ops”
    It’s located at 103 S Main St, Navarre, OH 44662

    It’s an arcade with lots of classic games, set up in an old gas station, and they have plenty of pinball tables there, they even have a Hercules table! I was going to add the location, but the only problem is… much like the escape rooms you mentioned, it’s only open by appointment. You pay a $10 entry fee and all the games are on free play, but you have to call ahead of time and schedule when you’re going to show up.

    Would this still be allowed to be added to the map, as long as I mention that it’s “by appointment only” in the description, or is it not technically a public location because of that?

    • I think that counts as public. And the comment will help guide people to it.

      Perhaps it’ll get more popular and then start keeping regular hours!

  2. Hey guys, I’m Don of “Don’s AirBnB” on pinball map. You wondered if the games were on freeplay and YES, they all are. There’s a couple older games that still take quarters but we keep a dish of quarters in the arcade for our guests to use. Once a guest arrives, I show them how to turn the arcade on & off. Thanks to a creative electrician, 1 switch now turns everything on! It’s awesome! They can play anytime they want, 24/7 even at 3am. They also can use our inground, salt water pool 24/7. Guests aren’t “renting a room in our house”. They are renting a 20 foot shipping container that has been transformed into comfortable a pretty comfortable living space. We offer free drinks and snacks too. Free hulu, netflix and amazon videos on the 32″ TV. I didn’t know I could remove my phone number but have done so and now I get a lot less calls from folks who are wondering if they can just come play. You guys are a well used website it seems! We had a guest cancel her stay at a nearby airbnb after checking pinball map and booking here. So thanks for what you’re doing!

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