#07 Collecting and Connecting

We talk about collecting cartridges, DNS issues, hand sanitizers, and some more.

#06 Sanitize It

We share lots of news items, the main one being a big app update. We also spend some moments with Beth, discussing the impact the app development has had on her life. Clark shares his thoughts on the… Read More

#05 Tile After Tile

We celebrate our 2018 accomplishments, wallow a bit in early 2019 setbacks, and then look forward to a bright future where everything’s great. Scott shares his fantasy pinball machine about broken machines. And for some reason we start… Read More

#04 Map Or Die

In this episode we talk about the total app rewrite, and Scott interviews Beth about it. Scott also interviews Elijah about being a pinball technician. And pinball poet laureate of the west, Daniel O’Mahoney, shares a pinball poem!… Read More

#03: Map Tech Tech Tech Tech

In this episode we recognize some listener feedback, and then Ryan asks his dad how we got our Paragon machine. We then discuss in detail our ongoing transition from the Google Maps API to an alternative, as well… Read More

#02: Swap Stories

In this episode we got: Two new Pinball Map t-shirts! We started a Patreon! We dip in with Danny B. We talk map tech, telling you how we keep the site in the black (in terms of memory)…. Read More

#01: The Plunge

Pinball Map is a mappin’ site for finding public pinball machines. It’s pretty popular, and we’ve been working on it for 10 years. In this inaugural episode of Mappin’ Around with Scott & Ryan, we introduce ourselves and… Read More